Norwich vendors hopeful for summer 2021

I spoke to two market vendors about looking forward to the rest of the year

ABOVE: Vendors at City Fish, Norwich Market [credit: Maja Anushka]

City Fish, Norwich Market [credit: Maja Anushka]

I’ve lived in Norwich for almost four years now, and throughout my time here, Norwich Market has always been regarded as one of the city’s favourite hot-spots. The market has stood for almost nine hundred years, surviving plagues and famine, but it encountered a new challenge in March of last year. Furthermore, places like Norwich Market are especially vulnerable to the economic effects of the pandemic. It relies on footfall and doesn’t really work with social distancing, as the corridors between the stalls are narrow.

Now that COVID restrictions are being eased and vaccine numbers are on the rise, how do the vendors of Norwich Market feel about the future?

Norwich Market package by Maja Anushka
Norwich Market [credit: Maja Anushka]

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