Living with an eating disorder: BBC Radio Norfolk exclusive

I spoke to Kitty for BBC Radio Norfolk’s ‘The Social’ about the realisation, treatment, and overcoming of a mental illness

ABOVE: an old journal entry [credit: Maja Anushka]

The following audio clip contains potentially triggering discussions of disordered eating and EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified). Viewer discretion is advisedWhile I do discuss my eating disorder in this interview, I have tried not to go into any detail that could be productive to someone else’s illness. There are some references to restrictive eating. If you are reading this to try to trigger yourself or look for ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ on how to further contribute to your own eating disorder, I implore you follow these links to get help. You deserve to get better. About Eating Problems / Beat Eating Disorders / Supporting Someone With an Eating Disorder / Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

You can listen to my appearance on ‘The Social’ here:

Clip from BBC Radio Norfolk’s ‘The Social’ with Kitty Perrin, 10th June 2021

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