photo by Amryn Shae

Maja (pronounced ‘my-yah’) is a journalist and poet. She lives in Norwich but originates from Brighton. Since the start of 2022, Maja has been a part of the newsroom of the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News as an Audience Development Specialist.

Maja started making YouTube videos from the age of 14, which has led her to gain an online following, as well as develop her skills as a public speaker. She has worked with the NSPCC, Childline, and Summer in the City, speaking on their conference panels. Now, she does much less YouTube-ing, but still maintains a fascination with internet culture. She speaks and writes openly about difficult topics like mental illness, eating disorders, sexual assault, and queer issues, but also enjoys exploring comedy, pop culture, and psychology.

Maja was also Features Editor and Agony Aunt for Concrete Newspaper 2021-2022, and a staff writer for Unpublished Magazine until 2020-2021. She self-published a poetry anthology called Talking to Owls in May 2019, and continues to write online content when she gets the chance.